About Lindsay President, Creative Director

I'm a life-long night owl, born and raised in a small town, but blossomed and bloomed in the big city. I met my husband on the front stoop of our freshman dorm at the University of Pennsylvania where I earned a degree in English and Art History. After a short stint working in PR, I found my way to the world of events, where my affection for strategy and organization could live in harmony with my passion for style and innovation, and so, in 2001, Lindsay Landman Events was born.

Now, my days are filled with collaborations between lighting techs and dahlia farmers, spatial relations problems requiring advanced geometry that would make my high school teachers proud, contract negotiations in boardrooms and barrooms and adventures with hot glue and spray paint primed for a world-class HGTV series.

At home on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, I'm a lunch-making, soccer-watching, playdate-arranging mom of two pretty cool boys who have been known to proudly tell the school secretary that the flowers in her office would be nicer if their mom made them.

After producing hundreds of events over the last fifteen years, I have a few pretty good tricks up my sleeve, so the Event Leadership Institute has provided me with an amazing forum to educate up-and-coming planners and designers and to cultivate the next crop of talent in this burgeoning industry. Teaching courses on planning, design and destination weddings fuels my creativity and I find I gain as much as I give.

I consider myself fortunate beyond measure to do work that I love in the best city on earth surrounded by remarkable people who support and inspire me. I live in anticipation of my next event adventure, and I very much hope you will be a part of it.

Lindsay 101

  • I'm an above average parallel parker
  • I could exist solely on Diet Coke and Twizzlers
  • I have a terrible sense of direction and was perpetually lost before the invention of GPS
  • I have no idea how to properly apply makeup or paint my nails
  • Mayonnaise terrifies me
  • My husband calls me "The Database" because of my ability to remember useless data indefinitely

Words to Live by:

"If you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done."

Lindsay Loves...

A perfectly styled bookshelf, 80 degrees and sunny, overhearing my kids chat and giggle in their room after lights out, heels you can really wear all day, a properly used semicolon, late night brainstorms, all-day TV binges and sleeping {very} late.